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Fellowship Corner

The Fellowship ministry at First Parish focuses on time we spend with each other in times of need and times of joy. In recent weeks, we have helped coordinate dinners for parishioners as part of our Shepherds program. Many of you signed up to be a shepherd for when parishioners need our help with meals, rides, companionship, snow removal etc. If you would like to sign up to be a shepherd, look for the form on the lobby table. Please complete and leave in the office.

Thank you to everyone who has been assisting with coffee hours, including simple set-up and contributing food and beverage items for Big Brunch and special coffee hours. We have had a great deal of fun and conversation when we gather after worship. If you don’t usually stay for coffee hour, please give it a try. It is a great way to get to know each other.

The next Big Sunday Brunch is set for Sunday, March 3rd. If you would like to help host the coffee hour on March 3rd, please let Nicole, office administrator, and Nancy Hyde know via email to the church office at

Our next special coffee hour will take place on Easter Sunday, March 31st. For this coffee hour, we will have a sign-up sheet for food and beverage items you can bring.

And as we look ahead, a celebration will be in order after we wrap-up the Lenten Housewarming Basket Drive. If it’s anything like last year’s highly successful food drive, we will have much to celebrate. See weekly emails for more information on the Basket Drive.

If you have ideas for or would like to join the Fellowship ministry, please let us know. Our committee includes Nancy Hyde, Joyce Marsh, Barb Worth and Pam Kane. 

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