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A Giving Spirit

Giving is a way you participate in a community striving to bear witness to the reign of God.


Giving is a practice of an other-oriented life, the giving of oneself, and living out of gratitude.  


Giving is a counterpoint to and a liberation from our money-dominated, consumer-oriented culture.   Jesus probably spoke more about money than any other topic because we let money define us and have power over us.  


Giving is an investment – an investment in the future reign of God.  As with watching investments, you find yourself seeking and assisting in signs that the repair of the world is underway.


Giving is a joy.  In giving, you are making holy the rest of your life.  By structuring your life to make possible gifts to assist people, to give hope, to teach about God’s love, and to nurture people in living peaceful lives, all your life is gifted with direction and purpose.  Such is grace.

How to Give at First Parish

In life’s journey, there are times when we are compelled “to give back;” thus spontaneous, spirit-led, and heart-felt giving is always welcome and one of the reasons we “pass the plate” during worship.  


First Parish also asks participants in this community to pledge or offer an estimate of your giving for the year as it permits our church community to plan for our common life and ministry. Can we do what we have been called by God to do?  Pledges become a touchstone either indicating we can go ahead, or we need to rethink what we are doing.  As Jesus said, “Who among you would begin to build a tower and not determine the cost?”


Several times a year First Parish has special offerings.  Some are scheduled across our denomination (One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, etc.).  Occasionally there are special offerings in response to events (hurricanes, earthquakes, or turmoil).  In all cases, special offerings have been approved by the Church Council.

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