Welcome to First Parish of Westwood
  • We are a Protestant Christian Church with congregational roots and an affiliation with the United Church of Christ (UCC).  Our Church is run by its members.

  • Our pastor is JT Hills who joined First Parish in August 2021. New to Massachusetts and the UCC/Southern New England Conference, JT has served at churches in California, Indiana, and Michigan.

  • During this Covid-19 era, all services are available on Facebook early Sunday mornings and viewable at any time. Note:  As of January 1, 2022, check the web site for whether or not services will allow for in person worship. 


  • Here is what is normal during non-Covid-19 times:

    • Worship is held in our Meeting House every Sunday at 10AM.​ Worship is less than an hour.  Fellowship follows.

    • Main entrance into the Church is now at the side of Church facility.  We do ask that anyone late enter street-side into what is the rear narthex of the Church.

    • Attendees tend to arrive close to time when worship begins.  Not many arrive early.

    • Except for the big holidays, attendees generally dress casually.

    • We have ample parking behind our facilities.

    • Our Meeting House sanctuary and facilities and bathrooms are fully handicap accessible.  We have handicapped parking at the side of the Church and a ramp to get into the Church building.

    • Hearing assistance is available for those that need it.

    • Nursery care for infants is generally available every Sunday.  It is recommended to contact the church office to confirm the availability of nursery coverage.

    • Most Sundays, we gather all together initially and then youth can leave us for separate Sunday School instruction.  Again, it is recommended to contact ahead to be certain on a given Sunday.