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Easter Dedication orders due Monday, March 4th

As Easter approaches, we invite you to participate in our tradition of adorning our Sanctuary with beautiful flowers to celebrate the joy and renewal of the season. As we do every year, we encourage you to consider dedicating Easter flowers to your loved ones as a meaningful gesture of remembrance and love. This year, the deadline for placing your order is Monday, March 4th by noon, so be sure to get your order form in soon.

Whether in memory of a cherished family member who has passed, in honor of a dear friend, or to celebrate the blessings of those present in our lives, dedicating Easter flowers is a very special way to share our faith and love with one another. Please use the online order form by clicking here or alternatively, you can fill out a paper order form found in the church lobby. While payment is not due on Monday for online orders, please be sure to mail in your payment or drop it by the office at your first convenience after ordering.

Let us come together in spirit and adorn our beautiful altar with the vibrant colors of Easter, symbolizing the hope and promise of new life and beginnings. Thank you for your participation and for spreading the joy of Easter throughout our church community.


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