Lead our flock

A history of great shepherds

First Parish of Westwood has been blessed with a long history of wonderful pastors to lead our congregation in the word and works of God.

We are fortunate to have the steady leadership of our interim co-pastors during these unprecedented times of virtual fellowship.

We are searching for our next pastor to lead us through the remaining dark days to the joy and light that awaits us on the other side of this pandemic, when we can return and rejoice in fellowship together once again. For more detailed information regarding our local church profile and ministry description, please click here.

Search Team
Nancy Hyde
Bob DeiningerBW.jpg
Bob Deininger

There are two parts of this search.

The Transition Committee, led by Bob Deininger, prepares the search materials including the search profile.

The Search Committee, led by Nancy Hyde, conducts the actual search.

As of January 2021, the work of the Transition Committee is complete and the search team is beginning its work.


Steps from the Meeting House

First Parish Church of Westwood is fortunate to have this beautiful parsonage adjacent to the Meeting House.

Offering our pastoral leadership both comfort and convenience in the mission of ministering to our congregation.